Where To Buy A Pool Table Online

If you happen to be in the market for a new pool table or designing a new gameroom we are here to help. The Billiards Guide wants you to be able to find the best table, with the best design, at the best price for you.

If you are fortunate enough to be searching for your own pool table your in luck. Here is your guide to the best pool tables on the market. (To make it fair we are only comparing pool tables that you can buy online).

Brunswick Pool Tables:
As much as we like Brunswick tables and think they have a deep rooted history in pool table manufacturing. With their history dating back to 1845 we know they are not someone to mess with. But will all good intentions we cannot recommend the Brunswick pool tables to you. As they constitute themselves as “Authentic American” tables when in actuality you are receiving a table imported from China. Know we understand a lot of pool tables are important and that’s fantastic, they are outsourced to places that have the best material. However, if you market yourself as a “quintessential” American made company that’s not the type of company we would like to make a purchase from.

With such a great name how can you go wrong. What really impressed us with this site is their navigation not only was it easy to sort through all the different styles of tables they offer you can even change the felt and different options to see what your pool table will look like.

Pool Tables USA:
Great selection of tables. This site probably has one of the widest selections of different styles and designs. It makes our list because of the pure magnitude they offer. The images are pretty poor but you get a good idea of what the table will look like in a room.


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