A Billiards Coach On Your Phone

While you can just about get an app for anything these days here is a fun one for all of us billiards loving fans. We all know Alison Fisher is one of the best pool players in the world but how many of you ever thought you could get lessons from her? A raise of hands…. no, no one. Well lucky for you she has gladly agreed to hop into your iPhone. Ok it’s not really her but it’s as close as most of us will probably get.

This world champion was chosen to be the pocket coach for pool and cue sports. Overall the app is for sports training but you can hit the feature that does one-on-one training from legendary coaches like Fisher.

The app is called Get in the Game is available at the App store for your iPhone.


Ideas For A Game Room

I saw this great article that PoolTables.com posted up on Twitter about ideas for a game room and it really got me thinking. What are some of the best ways to set up a game room or recreational room. Of course the first idea was to put a pool table in the room ( my first idea as well). However, if you don’t have an extra room or the space to bring in a full size pool table try turning your dinning room into the next game room. Utilize your space by adding a tabletop kit where you can use the room for multiple purposes. It’s a great way to make the most with the space you have. Of course if you have that great table you can always use it for some great card games including poker, texas hold ’em which are always crowd pleasers.  The garage is also a space that can be used as a game room. With a few clean up tips and remodeling for different seasons the garage could be the next best hang out spot.

Of course if you do plan on adding a pool table to your game room make sure it functions first. Check the dimensions of the room with the dimensions of the pool table (here is an article that will help you make sure it fits). Make sure the space is a good place that will allow for traffic flow between games. Don’t forget about seating some of the most fun I have had is watching pool. Invest in storage and accessories to keep the room neat and organized.

10 Things Every Beginning Pool Player Should Know

1. Always Be Ready To Learn
Just because someone may be less experienced or ranked lower than you doesn’t mean they can’t teach you a thing or two. You can find inspiration and knowledge from just about anyone. Maybe they made an awesome shot you want to try and duplicate later or maybe they have a certain strategy you want to try out for yourself. There is no harm in asking them questions (of course wait until after you are done playing them as an opponent).

2. Stay Down On Your Shots
Players who have been around pool for long enough have no doubt heard this bit of advice. If you take that one step further you should also keep your head down, stay in the moment and follow through on your shots.

3. Have A Pre-Shot Routine
A player wants to find consistency in their game and a great way to achieve this is by creating a routine. If you practice something for long enough you can make it a habit and help improve your game. Try and do the same things every time before you take a shot, you might be surprised the effect it has on your game.

4. Work on Fundamentals
This is true for anything going back to the basics is always a great way to refresh and understand a game from its very core. In pool work on your stance, bridge, and stroke because each one of those will influence every shot you take.

5. Take Notes
If you really want to improve write down notes of shots you missed and why during your practice round and during matches. This way you can have a great list of things you need to work on during your next solo practice round.

6. Be A Good Sport
Nobody likes a sore looser or someone who brags about all their wins. There is nothing wrong with being proud about winning but don’t go overboard try and be considerate of your opponent.

7. Work on Speed Control and Play For Longer Shape
Proper use of cue ball speed can make up for other weaknesses in your game. Understand how the cue ball will come off the object ball or exactly how the cue ball will come off the rail. With good speed you can allow you to run the cue ball farther around the table and land in more forgiving part of the landing zone.

8. Follow Through
Similar to keeping your head down on shots you also want to keep it still. So try and condition your pre shot routine so that you can follow through with a smooth stroke and keep your head still.

9. Always Think Three Balls Ahead
Every shot know what your next moves will be.

10. Play Your Best
If you put your best effort forward then you can’t be mad at yourself for trying. If you don’t put 100% into your game don’t expect to get 100% out of it, playing lazy can get you frustrated but if you understand that your playing subpar and own up to it you won’t get as frustrated.

Beginners Guide To Pool Cues

Beginners don’t need to start out with fancy cues and spend hundreds of dollars just to make statement. What a beginning pool player should be looking for is a basic cue with a firm hit. A firm hitting cue will be the most forgiving and the easiest way to learn pool. Generally these type of cues won’t run any more than $150. A great beginners cue is the Action Blue Model 68, a quality cue at a price that a beginner can start with.

If your looking for a cue that will have a bit more protection from warping and dents look for a cue with a fiberglass shell such as Cuetec or Scorpion cues. A fiberglass shell is going to really help with warping if you know you might tend to leave your cue places it shouldn’t be like outside or in the trunk of your car. If you need any more help deciding on a cue we suggest that you call the experts at Billiards.com and they would be happy to help you pick out your first pool cue.

The Things You Learn About The Game You Love

It’s always fun reading interesting facts about the game you love. Recently I ran across this article about the Fun Facts About Billiards, which obviously is my favorite game. There are some really great tid bits here I didn’t even know. For example did you know that John Quincy Adams was the 1st president to put a pool table into the white house? and on a lighter note he also owned a pet alligator…the crazy things a president will own in a white house. Another fact you might not know about pool is that in 1765 A.D. the 1st billiard room was built in England. They played One-pocket a game which only involved shockingly one pocket and 4 balls.

Finishing A Game Room

Creating a game room or just redecorating one is no easy task. Don’t forget the importance of decorating and assembling the game room. The most essential factor is to make a game worthy environment. Nobody is going to want to play games in a room that isn’t inviting or non functional. The atmosphere shouldn’t be too stuffy you want a place where friends and family can have fun and relax. The room should reflect what kind of games you want to be played. Here of course were focusing on the pool table being the focus of the room.

Choosing the right pool table depends on what you want and the design that is already in your home. Don’t forget our tips on where to buy pool table online.

The accessories and details are something decorators always seem to forget. It’s the small details that really make the room work. For example in a billiards or rec room that is going to have a pool table there needs to be a place to store the cues, billiards balls, and racks for the table. Also if you are going to be hosting more than a few people in the room it’s a good idea to purchase either some low sitting portable chairs or bar stools for spectators. Low hanging lights is always essential to a good game room. Not only is it necessary for players to see the table well it also gives the room great ambiance.

Adding some extra games like ping pong top to the pool table or a dart board are great ways to incorporate other games using the same space you already have for the pool table. We suggest heading over to darts.com of course for all your darting needs like discount dartboards and darts.

If you’re starting from scratch it’s best to try and buy pieces for the game room that cohesively match together. This can include the pool table, side table and chairs, cue racks, and lighting. I would suggest using a store where you can buy all those items together so you know that they will have the same stains and match together. PoolTables.com is the best place online to buy all these necessities for your next game room. We picked them because of their selection; price, quality and you can’t beat their shipping and installation fees.

McDermott Pool Cue Review

McDermott is a brand synonymous with pool and billiards. Today we are going to take a bit to talk about their cues and one of our favorites. Known for their quality their cues come with a lifetime warranty including the wrapping (you don’t see enough manufacturers sticking by their products like this these days).

One of their most popular cues is the m61d velocity plus cue stick.

Has a great feel definitely a huge step above what you would play at a bar or someone people’s home tables. So far it’s been incredible, it’s understated elegance is exactly what we were hoping for.

What To Ask Before Buying A Pool Table

Last week we let all you readers know where to buy the pool table but this week we are going to take a look at some common questions to ask before you buy the pool table.

First know what size your game room is. This is important to know because it will help you find what size table can fit in that room. The table needs to have enough room on the sides for players to comfortably shoot. Generally pool tables come in three different sizes 7’x 4’6″, 8’x 4′, and 9’x 4’6″ if you want to see what dimensions the room should be check out this article. If for some reason your room is a bit smaller than suggested just adjust the cue size and buy shorter cues than the standard 58″ cue. The smaller the table the more clustered the balls will be and a larger table can add frustration forcing longer, more difficult shots on players.

Check the warranties on the table you never know what may happen also take a look at customer feedback make sure the table is up to pool enthusiasts standards.

We know you don’t want to hear it but don’t be thrifty and skimp when your buying furniture like a pool table. It’s going to be the centerpiece of the room so make sure your investment is well worth it, you will want to enjoy it for the next 50 years.

Choosing the color of your table depends the decor already set up in your game room. Blues and greens are easy on the eyes and won’t show chalk as easy. However, if you want the table to make a statement you can always opt for a red felt.

Don’t forget about accessories when you buying the table. We know the big purchase is the pool table but don’t forget to complete the look. A rack to hold your pool cues and some cleaning material will make your investment last longer.

Where To Buy A Pool Table Online

If you happen to be in the market for a new pool table or designing a new gameroom we are here to help. The Billiards Guide wants you to be able to find the best table, with the best design, at the best price for you.

If you are fortunate enough to be searching for your own pool table your in luck. Here is your guide to the best pool tables on the market. (To make it fair we are only comparing pool tables that you can buy online).

Brunswick Pool Tables:
As much as we like Brunswick tables and think they have a deep rooted history in pool table manufacturing. With their history dating back to 1845 we know they are not someone to mess with. But will all good intentions we cannot recommend the Brunswick pool tables to you. As they constitute themselves as “Authentic American” tables when in actuality you are receiving a table imported from China. Know we understand a lot of pool tables are important and that’s fantastic, they are outsourced to places that have the best material. However, if you market yourself as a “quintessential” American made company that’s not the type of company we would like to make a purchase from.

With such a great name how can you go wrong. What really impressed us with this site is their navigation not only was it easy to sort through all the different styles of tables they offer you can even change the felt and different options to see what your pool table will look like.

Pool Tables USA:
Great selection of tables. This site probably has one of the widest selections of different styles and designs. It makes our list because of the pure magnitude they offer. The images are pretty poor but you get a good idea of what the table will look like in a room.

WPBA US Open Champion

It was an epic battle this weekend for the U.S. Open Billiards Title. The final match came down to the defending champion vs the world’s best woman player in history. If you had your money Allison Fisher you must be one happy viewer. She took the title away from 2-timei U.S. Open Champion Ga Young Kim in a heated battle leaving Allison the win 7-4. This hall of famer fought her way through till the final rounds of the WPBA US Open. This makes for the 5th US Open title in her career. Held this year at the River Wind Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma.